Staff Category: Manager

Adriana Mendoza

Currently on maternity leave until July 2021

Hi, I’m Adriana, a psychologist and psychotherapist and the manager at VTMH. With national and international experience in the mental health sector supporting service providers and managing mental health and community teams – and providing psychosocial support to diverse communities, including migrants and people with refugee backgrounds who have experienced traumatic events – I’ve been a proud part of the team at VTMH for more than two years.

I’ve also been involved with co-producing mental health programs in regional areas, actively participating in mental health reforms and co-designing culturally appropriate mental health materials with communities, as well as conducting mentoring and education sessions for leaders and frontline mental health service providers where reflectiveness and awareness of unconscious biases became drivers of change. I find very meaningful the opportunity to contribute to mental health reforms in a systemic and organisational manner and work with professionals and networks who have joined efforts to create dignifying and recovery-oriented programs.

In Australia, I worked in the Northern Territory supporting Aboriginal communities to co-design mental health local services, as well as providing mental health support to individuals, families and communities experiencing severe mental illness. In Victoria, I’ve assisted community and mental health organisations to enhance their external service quality and internal organisational culture, working across networks to add to efforts to increase cultural responsiveness in the mental health system. This has included actively contributing to reforms such as The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, and helping mental health practitioners identify organisational and systemic enablers and barriers when working with diverse communities. I also worked in South America, in allied health and human right organisations, providing psychosocial and therapeutic support to survivors of political violence.

I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to see VTMH:

  • Establish a reference group of consumers and carers.
  • Continue to influence the mental health system in a systemic and sustainable way.
  • Have a strategic role in the implementation stage of the Royal Commission’s recommendations.
  • Continue to connect with mental health organisations interested in partnering and collaborating with VTMH to enhance their own organisational cultural responsiveness.