Meet Our Team

Education and Service Development Consultant

Susan McDonough

Hello, I’m Susan. I have worked with VTMH in education and service development since 2009, including two years with a national multicultural mental health project. I have an applied science degree in occupational therapy, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Master of Arts (research) in sociology and anthropology. I am completing a PhD at La Trobe University exploring the practice of bilingual and bicultural workers in mental health settings. 

Before VTMH, I held different clinical, education and service development roles in early psychosis and recovery-oriented practice. I worked in community and correctional mental health. I have worked in medical, surgical and neurological acute care and rehabilitation units and in low-income countries experiencing armed conflict and displaced populations.

I offer education, training and consultancy to service provider agencies. Highlights of my recent work with VTMH include a project I co-led with a University of Melbourne colleague, to create digital stories with community members, and completing a cluster evaluation of a state government-funded community projects. I’ve collaborated with my colleagues to document VTMH’s work in various reports on topics including responding to diversity and cultural responsiveness in specialist mental health services.

I look forward to continuing to contribute to VTMH’s important work, especially in undertaking participatory evaluation and research and advocating so that communities have opportunities to talk about mental health and access supports that are safe, appropriate and meaningful to them.