Meet Our Team

Education and Service Development Consultant

Josie Tremain

Hello, I’m Josie and I’ve worked as an education and service development consultant with VTMH since early 2019. My professional specialities include counselling and community sector management, and I’ve recently completed postgraduate studies in health and human services and now undertaking a Master’s of Social Work through the University of Melbourne.

I previously worked at Neami National for 6.5 years in both practitioner and leadership positions across a variety of mental health programs. Before this, I worked at Social Firms Australia coordinating a psychoeducational program for jobseekers living with mental illness.

I’ve had many opportunities to gain extensive experience in both staff and service development as well as change management through large-scale system reforms and advocacy for both consumers and staff.

In the future, I hope VTMH can continue to expand our online presence in delivering interactive learning opportunities, and I look forward to continuing to assist with this and other important aspects of our work.