Meet Our Team

Acting Manager

Anita Tan

Hello, I’m Anita and I feel privileged to have recently joined VTMH as acting manager until July 2021.

I’m a psychologist with a master’s degree in applied psychology (clinical) and a PhD in social psychology, and I use a strengths-based approach to invite collaborative work within the therapeutic environment. Before joining VTMH, I held roles including State Operations Manager at the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Regional Manager at Family Mediation and Counselling and Director of Allied Health at St. John of God Hospital. I’ve worked extensively with vulnerable populations – including children, adolescents, people in custody, migrants, refugees, and the elderly – and have a firm respect for working sensitively within different intersectional contexts.

I’ve also been involved with community-based social research, including investigation of racism and unemployment in new and emerging communities, intercultural communication strategies, mental illness and stigma, the demographics of ‘fitpack’ use in the community, cultural aspects of child-protection issues, and the cultural myths surrounding sexual education and contraceptive use in ‘at-risk’ adolescent groups.

I strongly identify with the core values that underpin the work of VTMH, and look forward to dialoguing with, learning from, and travelling alongside the team in leadership. I also look forward to contributing to VTMH’s role in strengthening the well-being of diverse communities through shared reflective spaces that are authentic and life-affirming.


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