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Approaching work with interpreters in mental health settings

About the workshop

This advanced skills workshop is designed for all practitioners working with interpreters in mental health settings – including both new to and currently working with interpreters.

The workshop will explore challenges and realities in the interpreting environment and look at strategies for adapting practice for working with interpreters in a variety of mental health settings.

Participants will receive hard copies of resources developed in the project Approaching work with interpreters in mental health settings (VTMH, 2019), including a Practice Tips Poster and Report

Learning outcomes

· Explore strategies to apply prior to, during, and after an interpreted session

· Consider key culturally responsive practices and principles, including cultural safety and cultural humility, in the context of working with interpreters

· Discuss challenges and realities in the interpreting environment, and strategies for adapting practice with interpreters in a variety of mental health settings

Duration and Delivery

This is a two-part virtual workshop, delivered via Zoom.
Day 1: Tuesday 16th February, 9:30am-12:30pm
Day 2: Tuesday 23rd February, 9:30am-12:30pm
Participation at both days is required.


The virtual workshop will be supplemented with some self-directed reading materials. More information about this will be provided during registration.


Suitable for practitioners working in publicly funded mental health programs across Victoria, including staff in clinical and community mental health services, as well as people working within mental health programs in community health and social services.


Registrations close Friday 5th February. Registrations are essential.

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VTMH October Seminar 2020


Dr Charishma Ratnam, Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre, Monash University


Charishma will present findings from a recent project that examined how key stakeholders are using technology to communicate and engage with diverse communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence of lockdowns and other restrictions, governments, non-government organisations, community organisations, and community leaders, rapidly transitioned their service delivery and practices to online and digital platforms. For organisations working directly with diverse communities, this transition highlighted that some individuals remained digitally excluded.

The research team interviewed 23 stakeholders who work directly with diverse communities in Victoria and nationally. The interviews uncovered shifts in program and service delivery methods, insights about technologies and digital platforms, and opportunities and challenges that have emerged from the rapid transition to online communication and engagement.

Charishma will discuss key findings from the research and offer relevant, immediately applicable next steps for stakeholders to consider as they continue their active and digital engagement with diverse groups.

About the speaker

Dr Charishma Ratnam is a Research Fellow at the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC), Monash University. Her research spans a number of areas, including refugee experiences, migrant settlement, inclusion, and home-making practices. Charishma is currently working on multiple research projects, including: an analysis of how regional/rural areas have diversified over the last 20 years across Canada, Europe, and Australia; she is also working with Sri Lankan migrants to better understand how they use public spaces in Sydney and Melbourne; and Charishma is also collaborating with colleagues at MMIC to examine how organisations can adopt digital engagement strategies with diverse communities.

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